Overview of the Department

  • Administration department is responsible for handling and managing activities related to general administration and human resource management.
  • Legislature issues related to the MADC are being handled by this department.
  • Further this department also liaisons with other State and Central Government departments.
  • Administration department plays a major role in co-ordination for audit Para’s & Govt. grants.
  • This department plans, directs, manages and oversees all activities and operations related to human resources including recruitment and selection, record keeping, counseling, personnel evaluations, and employee relations and other.
  • Advisor (Administration & Rehabilitation) reports to the VC & MD

Key Functions

  • Human resource development.
  • General administration matters.
  • Appointments
  • Promotions / Transfers
  • House keeping
  • Logistic Support
  • Co-ordination with State/Central Govt
  • Co-ordination of Legislature Issues
  • Co-ordination for audit Para’s & Govt. grants
  • Training and development of business skills
  • Public relations