Overview of the Department

  • Land department is responsible for the key activities related to land acquisition and compensation.
  • Acquisition is done by the Government and acquired land is given to MADC for development.
  • Land department remains custodian of the data related to acquired land, cost of land, and rehabilitation and resettlement of Project Affected People (PAP).
  • Land department is required to maintain the information such as land ownership, land use, award details, compensation details, survey numbers / hissa numbers and area required/identified for acquisition
  • Land department requires to co-ordinate with various stakeholders such as Collector and Land Acquisition officer with respect to Land Acquisition activities and also with legal department for issues related to court cases
  • Land department is also responsible to handle citizen facilitation center for citizens.

Key Functions

  • Acquisition, possession and allotment of acquired land.
  • Survey, measurement, subdivision and demarcation of land
  • Maintenance of the land records of the land owned by MADC

Department Structure